The Holy Week in Cagliari: religious passion

The Holy Week is a religious event in Cagliari intensely felt from Cagliari and from visitors who come for the celebrations. The week before the Easter ritual is a series of processions and ceremonies that take place in the old city of Cagliari, in the four historic districts, and have a centuries-old tradition.

From Good Friday until the following Monday of passion, fraternities organize the ceremonies that involve the entire city.

The rites which take place within seven days of Holy Week of Cagliari are consequential to one another: we start on Friday with the procession of the Holy Mysteries; Palm Sunday is the removal of Jesus statue from the chapel; Wednesday dressing in mourning of Our Lady of Sorrows;  Thursday is the procession of the seven churches where Sant’Efisio listed in mourning, with black plume, comes in seven different churches; Easter Sunday is the deposition of the cross of Christ and the Monday following there are three processions organized by the three fraternities: Confraternity of Solitude, and Confraternity of the Holy Crucifix and Confraternity Gonfalone.

Holy Week in Cagliari is characterized by rituals, processions and choral moments that serve to revive the passion of Christ and its most important moments and to keep alive the religious tradition.



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