Tiliccas, a sweet recipe from Sardinia

Recipe from Sardinia: tiliccasTiliccas, also called Caschettas, are a traditional sweet recipe from Sardinia. This dessert comes from the village of Mamoiada, in Barbagia, where it’s given to families as a present to ease the mourning pains and to let St.  Abbot Anthony comfort them.

Preparing tiliccas will take two hours.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

Flour 250 g

Sugar 80 g

Butter 80 g


For the stuffing:

White grape juice must ½ lt

Semolina 150 gr

Almonds 100 gr

Orange 1

Bitter cocoa 40 gr

Preparing the stuffing: after boiling the almonds, put them in the oven (150°) without let them toast. Peel and grind them with the skin of the orange. Boil the must and mix semolina, cocoa, almond and orange and let this mix cook for 30’ until it’s dense.

Preparing the paste: mix the flour, salt, sugar and butter and add water. Work the paste and let it rest in a dishcloth for 30’. Stretch the paste and cut notched rounds with a diameter of 10 cm. Put the stuffing in the center of the rounds and rise the edges. Put your tiliccas in the oven again (170° for 30’).

Let it cool down and serve the sweet result of this traditional recipe from Sardinia.

If you’re planning your next holidays in Sardinia, that will be the right chance to taste the true tiliccas, the way they have to be made.

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