Tonara, the Sardinian Nougat Festival 2012

Sardinian nougat festival TonaraIt’s the chance to enjoy one of the most typical and delicious delicacies that Sardinia has to offer: we are talking about the Sardinian nougat Festival hosted by the town of Tonara, Barbagia. Event which, in 2012, will reach a milestone, celebrating its thirty-third edition.

In 2012 too, by tradition, the Sardinian nougat Festival will take place in the Easter weekend and will last three days: Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Three days during which you can taste the authentic Sardinian nougat of Tonara (not far from Fonni), made only with eggs, dried fruit and honey of Sardinia. And during the party will also enjoy other traditional sweets such as pastas prenas, and orrubiolos meligeddas, as well as wines and cheeses produced directly in the area.

But the Sardinian nougat Festival 2012 of Tonara is above all a great collective ritual, during which it’s  celebrated the culture and customs of Sardinia. And then all three-day event will be entertained and inspired by bands that will perform the most famous pieces of traditional music of Sardinia.


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