Trekking in Sardinia: Gennargentu National Park

It’s officially called Orosei Gulf and Gennargentu National Park but, between trekking lovers, it’s better known as Gennargentu National Park. Walking through it, it’s a wonderful way to get to know a side of Sardinia out of the touristic main paths. A way to get in touch with a unique and wild nature.

The tracks crossing the National Park are many, but today we’d like to bring you right to the heart of this area, reaching the main aim of those who visit Sardinian hinterland: Gennargentu massif and Punta La Marmora peak.

The path has the id T-721 and starts from S’Arena (a mountain hut, 1510 mt). You can reach there by the road from Tasusì pass. You’ll trek for 5.3 Km, with a difference in altitude of 149 mt, reaching Arcu Gennargentu (1.659 mt). It’s an easy walk for all, can be covered in 1h and 50m and is full of restoration areas and structures. In spite of all, T-721 is a trail rich in astonishing landscapes, in which can be met an endemic and typical wildlife such as the eufrasia flowers and mufflons.

For the better trained hikers, the natural fulfillment of the T-721 is the reaching of Punta La Marmora peak via the track called Sentiero Italia, which cross the T-721. This is the highest peak of Sardinia (1.834 mt) you can reach after a rise of 170 mt from Arcu Gennargentu. On the top of Punta La Marmora, your efforts will be paid back with a wonderful view of all the surrounding land.

In this trekking path on Gennargentu National park, you won’t find any cover from the sun and the walk is on stony trails. Then you’ll better face it with the right clothing.

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