Trekking in Sardinia: the paths of Supramonte

Trekking in Sardinia: the SupramonteTrekking in Sardinia is made of paths through an unspoiled nature and unexplored caves, centuries-old forests and huts that are similar to the ancient Nuraghe, with a human presence limited to the traditional one of the shepherds. And all these possibilities are contained in a unique place: the Supramonte.

The Supramonte is a complex of plateaus, bordered by the river courses of Cedrino and Rio Olai. Traditionally, this complex is divided into two parts: the sea Supramonte, overlooking on the Gulf of Orosei, between the towns of Baunei and Dorgali; the mountainous Supramonte, between the towns of Oliena, Orgosolo and Urzulei. Each one offers different possibilities for trekking in Sardinia.

The sea Supramonte is a real adventure, a continuous path along the coast where there are cliffs and canyons, caves, rocks, sea cliffs and towering pinnacles. Do not miss Cala Gonone, Cala Luna and the Grotta del Bue Marino.

Instead the mountainous Supramonte is very different, with its deep gorges such as Su Gorroppu and Su Suercone. And in this place there are some wonderful Nuraghe sites, preserved perfectly.

Trekking on Supramonte offers many opportunities for everyone. If you want to hike over the paths of this unexplored mountain complex, all you need is to organize your tour in central Sardinia.


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