Valentine’s Day in Castelsardo: old town

Valentine's day in Sardinia: CastelsardoOne of the most romantic places in Sardinia to spend Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly Castelsardo, in the province of Sassari, one of the most beautiful historic towns of Italy. At the center of the Gulf of Asinara stands majesty the promontory on which stands the medieval village founded by the powerful Republic Maritime of Genoa. Originally the name of the village was Castel Genovese.

The beautiful castle that overlooks the entire town was built by the famous Doria family in the twelfth century and at the time was called Castel-Doria, from the middle of ‘400 instead passed under the control of the Aragonese and from there took the name of CastelAragonese. Even today in the ancient wall stretches the old citadel, a gem of rare beauty, with its narrow streets which create a convoluted maze.

To spend Valentine’s Day surrounded by scenic wonders Castelsardo offers performances outside its walls. Not far from the town stands the characteristic rock of the Elephant made ​​from a giant boulder that has taken the form of the animal through natural and constant erosion.

And a remarkable valentine’s day wants to lead  with a dinner by candlelight, and the dish par excellence to be enjoyed in winter in Castelsardo are the delicious spaghetti with sea urchin.


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