#BookNowAndWow: watch the video and win a chance to visit Sardinia!

Travel Video of Sardinia 2017#BookNowAndWow: a real down-to-earth paradise that will amaze you from dawn to dusk and beyond! This is exactly what our new short travel video of Sardinia is about. As soon as you arrive in this wonderful Island you will be literally surrounded by beauty: jaw-dropping dawns, crystal clear waters, endless white sandy beaches, unforgettable natural sceneries.

Get spoilt during your long awaited holidays with the wide range of activities Sardinia offers: you can go hiking, practice water sports, go on archaeological tours, food itineraries, wine tasting or simply relax by the beach and enjoy the movida. Lots of holiday fun for all the family.
This video is dedicated to those of you that are planning their next holiday, to those that have already been to Sardinia and regularly come back every spring, summer or autumn, but also to those that have always dreamt of Sardinia but never had the chance to visit it, probably because scared off by its fame of being very expensive (contact us and we will try to prove you wrong 🙂 ).

Today we want to challenge all the Sardinia enthusiastic with a brief 5-question quiz. Believe us, this challenge is worth accepting: the first 2 among you who will answer all the questions correctly by 31st January 2017 will receive a 100EUR coupon to spend on www.sardegna.com in 2017!

– Watch our new travel video of Sardinia #BookNowAndWow as many times as you want!
– Like our Facebook page (this will allow us to mention you in case you are one of the lucky winners!)
– Write your answers in the comment area of the video.

Ready? Here are the questions:
1) How many times does the word “WOW” appear in the video?
2) When do Flamingos appear in the video? (Be accurate, give us the exact second!!)
3) What sport activities do you spot in the video?
4) Which Nuraghe is featured in the video? (hint: Nuraghe Losa, Nuraghe Santu Antine or Nuraghe S. Barbara)
5) When is the Serpentara Island shown in the video? (the exact second)

Is everything clear?
Good! All you have to do is sit down, relax, enjoy the video and… #BookNowAndWow with Sardegna.com!

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