Where to practice kite in Sardina (part I)

Kite in SardiniaWind and sea: the two things that kitesurf lovers know well and weigh in order to choose the best spots where to fly their board, inflate their kite and fill the adrenaline. Sardinia also knows these two elements which have always been part of its landascape.

There are those who cross oceans and take 24 hours flight  to find the optimal conditions for this water sport which is increasing its popularity among the bravest. But, there is no need to go to the other part of world to fly off into the waves, you can stay comfortably in Italy: you just need one of the ferries to Sardinia. Whether in spring, summer or winter.

The island is characterized by the Mistral wind, which blows from north-west and then there are the southern coasts that can be beaten by the Scirocco wind , which usually lasts no longer than three days.

Among the most famous places where to do kite in Sardinia, we should definitely mention Capo Mannu, a few kilometers from Narbolia, on the west coast of Sardinia.  Since waves can be up to 4 meters high and the winds are really significant, this place is only  for those which kitesurfing have no more surprises. Porto Botte, in the municipality of Giba, south-west coast of Sardinia, there is an area dedicated to kitesurfing, where you can enjoy it throughout the whole year.

In the next post dedicated to the best places where to do kite in Sardinia, we will keep talking about waves, but  we will also focus on safe waves spot , where beginners could learn kitesurfing without major risks and then we will provide some useful infos according Coast Guard regulations.

Image source: www.flickr.com/photos/wide73

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