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Folk feasts in Sardinia

As with its culinary tradition, and closely linked to it through the rich tapestry of its history, Sardinia has one of the most rigorously conserved folk traditions in the Mediterranean. Visitors to the island often comment on the non-touristic nature of events they witness. The folk traditions are deeply felt and jealously guarded. Each village in Sardinia has its own traditions, its own costume, its own form of the Sardinian dialect. The dialect, in fact, is a neolatin language. Due to various historical influences around the island, the Sardinian dialect is often very different, with people in the northwest, for example, unable to understand the people in the northeast. The dialect has a strong oral tradition. It is not taught in schools or as a written language, as there is no general consensus on its pure linguistic form. The most famous folk event on the Sardinian calendar is the Sant’Efisio celebration on 1st May. It takes place in Cagliari every year, and is highly recommended as a truly memorable experience. A researcher could spend their entire career in Sardinia which, as an ancient isolate population, has traditions that are almost as deeply engrained as their actual genetic makeup.

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