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Sardinia tourist information

The Italian island of Sardinia is not only a leading summer destination for beach holidays. Sardegna.com would like to illustrate many more aspects of this beautiful island. These include its medieval churches, nuragic settlements and archaeological sites of interest dating to the Phoenician, Punic and Roman times. It also includes breathtaking scenery, both on the coast and inland, and places of great geographical and natural importance. The island can be explored by car, off-road vehicles, motorbike and bicycle, trekking or on horseback. Visitors can enjoy playing golf, scuba diving, sailing, surfing and rock climbing – the possibilities are endless. Sardinia has a very strong and ancient folk tradition, with events across the island throughout the year. The salt lakes, coast, mountains and countryside are home to a wealth of flora and fauna, from wild orchids, some yet to be classified, to flamingos and wild boar.

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