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Weather in Sardinia

The weather in Sardinia is typically Mediterranean. During the autumn and winter, which are prevalently mild, humid winds blow from the northwest, such as the mistral, whereas in the spring and summer, the African winds are hot and dry. The northwest area has more rainfall, while the climate in the south is drier.
The temperatures are mild, with an annual average varying between 14C and 20C. There is a noticeable increase in the summer months, with average temperatures of 30C to 35C.
Winter temperatures on average vary between 10C in the coastal regions and can drop to 0C in the Gennargentu mountains and uplands. November and December have more rainfall, while July and August are the driest. General precipitation is 500/600mm per year in the lowlands, up to 700/800mm in the hills and, above 900m, 1000mm. Snow can be found on the mountain tops in the Gennargentu area for several weeks of the year.

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