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Wine & gastronomy in Sardinia

The Italian island of Sardinia is an ancient land. An age-long tradition in agriculture has developed a very special local cuisine, which differs in many aspects from culinary traditions in mainland Italy, although based on similar concepts. Farms on the island are comparatively small and often family run. A Sardinian farmer will spend hours describing, in great detail, the processes used to cultivate food and wine. Production of fruit and vegetables is strictly seasonal and follows natural cycles. The quality of the ingredients is rigorously high, and the cuisine uses simple, genuine recipes. Ingredients are often freshly picked and served, and particular cheeses and seafood are available for a short time according to the production calendar. The Sardinian concept of cuisine is the “Slow Food” approach, where meal times are a key social moment, never to be rushed, where the food served is often the main topic of conversation. There are many specialities to taste, such as the after dinner liqueur made from myrtle berries, called Mirto, or the delicious dessert, laced in perfumed local honey, Seadas, or the so-called music bread, pane carasau. Sardinia enchants its visitors, creating a truly sensorial experience, from the beauty of its landscape to the delights of the table.

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